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Frequently asked questions

  • Which tyres are right for my car?

    Your car will handle best, be safer and more economical with the tyre size specified by the manufacturer. This size can usually be seen in the door opening of the car or on the fuel filler cap. If your car has had a different owner in the past, our experts strongly recommend that you check the standard tyre size for your car. Our experts will be happy to advise you and help you find the right tyre size.

  • Quality tyres for your car

    Every driver knows the importance of quality and weather-appropriate tyres - according to insurance companies, unseasonable and worn tyres are one of the most frequent causes of accidents not only in Latvia, but also in other parts of the world.

    When is the right time to change tyres?

    Good tyres are the most important guarantee of safety on the road, so it's important to keep an eye on their condition and change your tyres in good time. When assessing the condition of your tyres, the most important factor to pay attention to is the tread depth:

    • The minimum tread depth allowed for summer tyres is 1.6 mm. It should also be noted that the specific composition of the rubber means that it can only be used effectively and safely when the road surface temperature is approaching the plus ten degree section;
    • The minimum tread depth for winter tyres allowed in Latvia is 4 mm. By comparison, new winter tyres usually have a tread depth of 8-10 mm.

    Another factor to consider is the weather. Although winter tyres can be changed to summer tyres from 1 March, in this case the weather is more important than the date on the calendar - experts and tyre manufacturers recommend switching to summer tyres only when the average daily temperature is + 7 degrees. Also pay attention to the year of manufacture on the tyre - contrary to popular belief, this is the year and not the expiry date. According to experts, tyres should be replaced at least every five years. Of course, regardless of the year of manufacture, the frequency of tyre changes is determined by the conditions in which they are stored.

    Online tyre centre for drivers' convenience

    Finding the right tyres for your car can often be time-consuming - there is no good tyre repair shop nearby, opening hours are inconvenient or the choice of tyres is not wide enough. For drivers' convenience, quality car tyres are now also available online. This gives you the opportunity to buy the tyres you need at a time that suits you. We offer quality tyres for all requirements:

    • Tyres in different sizes (r16, r15, r17, r18) from the best manufacturers;
    • Both premium and cheaper, but by no means inferior, products.

    We always make sure that we have options to suit every driver's needs and preferences.

    Buying tyres - easy and convenient

    It only takes a few minutes to find and order new tyres:

    • In the search engine, note the current parameters (width, height, diameter) and other criteria such as class and tyre type (winter, summer or all-season);
    • View the tyres that meet your requirements, choose the one that suits you best and place your order

    With our service, changing your tyres will be more convenient than ever - place your order at your convenience, wherever you are, and have it delivered to your home.

    Quality and service

    We make sure that our customers not only get top quality r15, r16, r17, r18 tyres, but also excellent service. If you are not sure which tyres to choose or have any other technical questions, contact us - our experienced staff will answer any unclear questions and advise you on the best solution. Whatever your choice - expensive or cheap tyres - remember that only quality tyres will guarantee your safety and the safety of the people around you during your journey.

  • What should I do if I feel the car vibrating while driving?

    You should definitely seek professional advice, as there can be several causes for car vibrations. It is advisable to find out the cause and fix it as soon as possible.

  • If I only want to change two tyres on my car, which is better?

    If your car has only two tyres with significant wear, it may be worth checking and finding out the cause of the wear. New tyres may be able to prevent it and extend the life of your tyres. If you only want to change two of the four tyres, it is better to do it on the trailing axle of the car.

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